Originally Designed Various Bluetooth Speaker

Model                           DR2109 BT 2109 speaker
1. Features:  Hands Free Calling + Aux-in +TF Card
2. Material:  ABS
3. Working Range:  10M
4. Built-in Battery:  300mAh
5. Output Power:  2W
6. Bluetooth Version:  5.0
7. Colors:  Customized
Model                           DR2628 BT 2628 speaker
1. Features:  Hands Free Calling+ Aux-in
2. Material:  ABS + Frabic + Silicon
3. Working Range:  10M
4. Built-in Battery:  300mAh
5. Output Power:  4W
6. Bluetooth Version:  5.0
7. Colors:  Customized

Introducing – Bluetooth 4.1 EarPeace

Get a great Bluetooth 4.1 Earpiece

The sleek distinctive design, active Noise Reduction and echo suppression with multi-point connectivity, giving you the ability to connect to two devices simultaneously. Provides amazing flexibility, portability, and durability. Really convenient and portable to carry. Wonderful design provides a simple Earbuds-Unique Approach to Cord Management design. This Bluetooth headphone allows you to leave your phone alone and leave your hands free but will not miss any call.

Long battery life

Stand-by time up to 300 hours, music time up to 16 hours and talking time up to 18 hours. With every about 1 hours charging, you can just enjoy your wireless sport/music time without any worry.

Unique reminder

When a call comes , this Bluetooth headset will remind you, will never miss any phone call when you are doing exercise or even in a noisy environment. Bluetooth 4.1 version–pairing is just easily and quickly connected with a simple switch button. Compatible with most of smart cellphones and other Bluetooth enabled devices.

i7 Bluetooth Wireless Headphonesi7 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones colorsi7 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones connectingi7 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones wearing

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Mobile Phone Wireless charger (with your blinking logo)

Compact size, ideal for travel, eliminate the wires when you charge up your iPhone with this Wireless Charging Base.  Wireless technology powers up your phone much faster by simply placing it on the pad, ensures perfect placement and the included wall adapter means you have everything you need to get right charging.

 Presently most patented item

LOGO: laser engraved, full color, color sticker
while not in use logo brights (white), while using, blue / full color

Package: black gift box
Accessory: 1pc micro cable

size: 104 x 104 x 8 mm
weight: 55g
Material: Plastic
Input: 5W, 5V 1A, 10W optional
Wireless output: 1A

Find below  some logo effects;

oem wireless charger

Mobile Phone Wireless charger with your own blinking logo

Inside The Bull Dog

New Bulldog wireless Bluetooth Speaker

image (4)

Order Bulldog wireless Bluetooth Speaker today


Testimonials Feedback

Customer testimonials can incredibly help serving better

feedbackWhen a trade experience are reviewed, it can make a particular company appear to be a thought in industry, as well as promise a positive experience for anyone in community.

Testimonial lead to easy conversions and help us improve services

Customer Retention: Testimonials serve as a reminder to existing customers of why they can continue business and encourages their associates to continue to do business.

Helps improve products and services

When we introduce a new product, brand or service to market we probably need to have an idea about customer needs. Market research that we conduct before introduction gives an idea if potential customers would be willing to trade and also it can give some tips on how could improve it. However, only after use product or service we can learn about all the advantages, flaws and their actual experience. On top of that, their needs and expectations evolve with in specific time frame.

Feedback is an insight into what is working well about product or service and what should be done to make experience better. Might have the best expertise in the industry in which a company operates, but professional knowledge will never be more valuable to business performance than customer insights. Their opinions help ensure that the end product will actually meet their expectations, solve their problems and fulfill their needs.

Feedback helps measure customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and loyalty is a crucial factor that determines company’s financial performance. It is directly linked to many benefits, such as increased market, lower costs, or higher revenue. Many studies confirmed close connection between customer satisfaction and business performance. Therefore, there is no doubt that we want to make sure clients are happy with our products and services. Naturally, the best way to find out if its meet expectation is to get customer opinions

One of the most accurate methodologies to improve customer satisfaction. The metric is based on one simple question that investigates how likely it is that a customer would recommend a brand to a friend.

Collecting and by asking feedback shows customer opinion is important. Involve with clients in shaping business so they feel more attached. Listening to their voice helps us create stronger relations This is the best way to gain valuable brand ambassadors who will spread positive word-of-mouth.

We hope our customers appreciate, if we ask them if they are happy (or unhappy) with our service and we value our costumers opinion and that we are here for them, not the other way around. They feel that primary business goal is to solve their problems and fulfill their needs, not to get their money. It puts a customer in the central position of company and this is the right way to run a business.

Feedback helps us create the best customer experience.
Today’s marketing is heavily based on experiences people have with products, services and brands. They do not buy branded products just because they are good but also that they deliver effective way to give them amazing experience is asking them what they like about  service and what should be improved. Satisfied customer will stay, Unhappy customer will eventually find a better alternative to business.

Feedback is a reliable source for information in the times of social media,  as many do not trust commercials or expert advice much. Opinions provided by customers who have already used a product or service are considered more reliable source for information.

Customer feedback is as important to do business, so we have to make sure that our clients have an easy access to opinions and reviews.

Feedback gives data that helps taking business decisions

There is no place for business decisions based on loose guesses on a highly competitive market. Running a successful business we need to gather and manage distinct kind of data that helps us develop future strategies. Only in this way we are able to adjust products and services to perfectly fit customer needs. So this is the most reliable sources for tangible data that further can be used in taking business decisions. Customer insights will help you understand clients and their needs more profoundly. Taking their suggestions in consideration and thanks to that find out where you should allocate  money to get the highest return on investment.

We believe, if we have to stay on top of things we should put customers in a center of business and treat their feedback as the most valuable source for information.

Every review that is posted, negative or positive, gives us priceless feedback from customers that we can use to improve business. Feedback helps us to identify biggest strengths as well as biggest weaknesses and areas that we need to focus on improving

Feedback Merchant

Its even good  to have site feedback and we appreciate that, because we can better figure out some of those aspects where we fail.

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New 3D hologram advertising display LED fan

A comprehensive solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your business delivering you a complete media planning system and helping you outshine industry competition. 3D hologram advertising display LED fan creates best attraction for your products or events in the air. Use it in your department store, shopping mall, casino, bars, railway station or to the place where you like












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Growing Consumer Electronics Market

Consumer electrical product sale is expected to drive high in Asia-Pacific and North America by 2021. know more

Cell Phone Accessories

No company starts big. Likewise  we grow over time. You are our companion in this growth our journey, and making us part of giving you solutions that fit your needs at every stage. An Export Import solutions with diversified product range, managing customers with good distribution network across the globe and BRAND promotion is what we do the best. We live, breath and smell commodities. Being in direct contacts with manufacturers, we are able to present commodities at the lowest rate possible without compromising quality standards and maintain delivery time-line.

We are sole export & sourcing partner for many consumer commodities, having over 15+ years good reputation worldwide. We trade in computer hardware, networking and various mobile phone accessories.

Welcome you to our business celebration!

Customized OEM/ODM Phone Memory Cards



We focus on memory card manufacturing and supply full capacity memory cards, and maintain very competitive price. We supply large quantities within a stipulated time frame of all your needs from a one point of call for most of your services.

Smart Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

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